Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hello everyone,

We were not expecting to post on here so soon, but yet here we are!  So we had a "small" hiccup in our travel yesterday, but we are both safe, and very happy!  Our flight out of Seattle (scheduled to Honolulu) was delayed due to mechanical problems- the front right door (which we didn't get on through) was registering as open even though it wasn't. My opinion- they should have noticed this before they boarded us! We sat on the plane for almost 2 hours, before they pulled everyone going to Guam (that’s us) and put us on another flight to Maui then had us connect to Honolulu, hoping we would still make the Guam flight. Of course we arrived an hour after it left. Now this wasn't a huge problem for the people going to Guam, because they all got on a flight to Fiji to connect to Guam, but we knew this would mean us sitting in the Guam airport for 3 days since the Yap flight only flies on Sat, Tues, and Thurs. So when we finally got to Honolulu 4:30 local time (6:30 PM Seattle time) we went to the Hawaiian Air people and had some words. There is no Hawaiian Air in Guam, and it was an easy decision, be stuck in Guam or stuck in Honolulu? A very nice manager names Ross, or was it Russ? assisted us and we got to sit in the airport for 3 hours while the figured out hotel and food vouchers and our next flight info. They had a hard time because of us crossing the date line, they almost had us arriving in Guam the day after our Yap flight left, but luckily they figured it out. It also made it difficult that we will be flying on Continental from here on out. So, we are now at a hotel near the airport for three nights, including last night, with meal vouchers for all meals while we are here.  We will leave for Guam at 6:55 Am local time Monday morning, and catch our Tues 7:55 PM Yap flight connection. We actually have a longer layover in between this time which makes us feel a little better, 2 hours vs 40 min.  So we got a 2 day 3 night Hawaiian vacation paid for by Hawaiian Air! Meals and all. I must say, if this were to happen in Seattle I think there would have been a different outcome. The people here are so incredibly nice.  It is difficult to adjust from Seattle, everyone says hello and asks how you are, not just a tight lipped smile and nod.  But this is allowing us to relax a little and acclimate to the time and weather change. 

Dealing with all of this yesterday was extremely stressful and enraging at times, but in hindsight it worked out pretty well. We were exhausted from both moving, doing our best to transition the kitties to my parents house, which of course was difficult on everyone, and getting only two hours of sleep the night before our flight. It was New Years Eve, and Miranda spent a few hours under the bed trying to comfort Pumpkin who had been hiding for a day, terrified.

Here we are after hours at the Honolulu airport, waiting to find out our fate.

 honolulu airport photo

It is beautiful here.  Funny since after we booked our tickets we wondered if we should have taken a few days here, but decided we couldn't really afford it.  Thank you universe!  Today we went to Waikiki beach and also walked around a huge outdoor mall. Miranda at Waikiki beach We navigated a foreign bus system "The Bus" here not metro.  We both bought Hawaiian shirts and are enjoying the heat. It is a shame that we decided to have the airport hold our luggage, as it is too much for us to handle on our own, as our wardrobe and toiletries options are limited to what we happened to shove in our carry-on’s, and a few essentials we bought last night.  Tomorrow we are looking into either a tour, or tracking down some LOST filming sites.  We didn't run into Obama at the airport or the shaved ice stand, nor have we seen Rush Limbaugh.  But we have seen some beautiful sights and are looking forward to seeing Yap. In a way this is good, when we get to Yap we will be so happy to arrive rather than stressed from all the travel. We just want to get there! And who knows Mike has already mentioned taking the Hawaiian Bar when the two years are up- like 30 minutes after we left the airport!  Well I just wanted to let everyone know of our travels so far. We are safe, warm, and well fed.


Miranda and Mike

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  1. Oh, you poor things, having to suffer through a free three day Hawaiian vacation.