Sunday, April 18, 2010

Girl Scouts Together

Miranda has recently started her job as Yap’s Girl Scout Coordinator. And girl is she excited!

The position is through the Yap Women’s Association and is part time. The job essentially is developing Girl Scouts in Yap from the bottom up, she was given a “leaders guidebook” developed by FSM GS, and told “go!”. GS was present here in the 70’s but when the leader left island permanently and fairly abruptly GS just fizzled out. Miranda has talked to some adults, who remember how scouting was here, and are excited to hear it is coming back!

There is a great need for the good that comes from girls being involved in scouting. Miranda is hoping to use this as a place to build self-esteem, leadership skills, and a sense of responsibility for their community, and to have loads of fun, of course! Though scouting will look different here than in the states, the same good can come from it. There are no badges, we get to design our own state uniform, and we don’t have a Safety-Wise, only “safety checks”! Some usual scouting activities are either not needed or not possible. Cookies are not possible. Outdoor living skills are not needed. These girls can probably teach Miranda a thing or two about fire building and lashing!

Resources are extremely limited, not only by what is available but what is affordable. Miranda has a very small budget to work with. There are already at least ten girls who are interested, just by hearing that Miranda has started to organize scouts. She wants to have fun and exciting activities to offer the girls to get them hooked into the wonderful world of scouting. She is currently creating a songbook and informational brochures that she will be taking to the meetings and talks she is beginning to schedule in order to get the word out.

Now our friends back home are loving and giving people. We are hoping that some, involved in scouts or not, would be willing to donate some supplies to get Yap Girl Scouts off the ground. We know times are tough right now, and anything will be accepted with great enthusiasm and gratitude. Below is a list of supplies that would be very helpful, new or used. If you can help in any way it would be so wonderful:

* basic art supplies- markers, colored pencils, etc (but please no crayons for now until we test run them in the mail)

*old Girl Scouting materials you may have laying around. Even if you think they are outdated. books, craft/activity ideas etc.

*beads, and simple jewelry materials for all ages

*any left over or odds and ends craft supplies you may have

*craft ideas that can use regularly available supplies on island such as yarn, fabric, thread, palm branches, coconut shells, Elmer's glue, and basic school supplies etc. (ideas are no cost to you!)

I am sure this list will grow and change, but this would be a great place to start!

You can either send them to me directly (see the care package post for mailing tips and our PO box address), or drop them off to Miranda’s dear mother in Bremerton who has agreed to help this cause.

Also, please to hit up any teachers you know at the end of the year for cast off supplies (I will do a Flat Stanley thing for them if they do it, and you need something to bargain with!).

Also if there are any GS leaders out there who are interested in doing a supply drive for us with their troop, please let’s talk! (or a book/toy drive for the daycare) We can also, once we get going, look into doing some pen pal exchanges!

I try not to ask too much of my loved ones when it comes to donating things. I don’t expect anyone to go buy new materials, just look into that vast supply closet that all GS leaders have (I know you have them!), or your own personal craft closet, and spread the love a little. Give me things that your girls didn’t like, you had too many of, your girls have grown out of, or items that just aren’t “cool” enough anymore, or materials you bought for that well intentioned project you will never get around to. Think of the good it will be doing if it hooks another girl into joining and sticking with Scouts!

A million advance thank-you’s,

The future Girl Scout troop(s) of Yap!


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