Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things you don’t really think about until you move to a remote tropical island

Since we recently acknowledged our three month anniversary here in Yap we thought it would be interesting and maybe even fun to reflect a little on our experience so far.

Though the initial withdrawal of leaving modern civilization has begun to fade, some things remain noticeably different. There are things when living in a well-insulated home far from the jungle we definitely took for granted. Like being able to reach into your medicine cabinet, pantry, purse, or drawer and not have to check for creeping, crawling, or flying insects first. Or not waking up with more mosquito bites than you went to bed with. Hot water and bath tubs seemed to be a given before. Internet access was unlimited, fast, and reliable. Dishwashers may not have been in every home, but we had one.

Having more than a dozen restaurants to choose from, or one brand of anything. Winter. Clearly marked and fairly consistent prices on everything we bought. Simple conveniences such as drive thru windows, debit cards, and a well stocked shopping mall.

There of course are now things we appreciate even more. Like lazy Saturdays with a DVD full of great television or a new movie. Getting snail mail from anyone, the great fun that can be had over a few beers after a long week, and gazing out into the magnificent Pacific Ocean with no tall buildings blocking your view. Breezes. The copious amounts of time we get to spend together experiencing this grand adventure. Phone calls from our parents. And the lack of constantly being bombarded by media of all kinds.

As we feel more and more settled in our new home we are sure these lists with grow and change. So will we.

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