Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Pal Lippy

This post is dedicated to our pal Lippy.  She is our “new” dog.  It was a mutual adoption. Previously Lippy hung out at the house across the street, but when our neighbors moved out so did Lippy.  Almost immediately she began hanging out at our house. She had visited in the past, but now she is here to stay. 

Lippy is beautiful on the inside.  She appears to have had a pretty rough life, with many scars, including a large one on her left hind leg, and her namesake hanging lip, and one eye is missing altogether. She won’t get within a few feet of us, but continues to hang out by our front door. She is also extremely submissive around other dogs. 

We feed her our scraps and left-over’s regularly and also give her the occasional Milk-Bone which she can’t seem to get enough of. We have already discovered that though she may be very hungry some days, there are some things she will still refuse to eat.  We once fed her some left over soup, she loved it, but left all the green beans and corn in the bowl. She also always passes on beans. She initially wouldn’t eat a decent helping of taro, brought home from a restaurant just for her, but after realizing nothing else was coming did end up eating it. She of course loves anything with cheese on it. Her favorite are Miranda’s enchiladas.

During the day she enjoys hanging around by the front door either on the driveway, under the mango tree, or up against the house where she has dug herself a nice sized nest.  But in case that isn’t doing the trick, she can always try the two smaller nests she has dug up against the back of the house. Another favorite place on hot days, as many dogs have found, is underneath the car. Luckily she gets out very quickly if you open the car door.

She isn’t much of a guard dog, often running away when a person or another dog approaches her. She does put up with our frequent visitor Morris, another submissive dog. Lippy will let out one single bark to announce his presence to us.  Hopefully Lippy isn’t jealous that Morris was officially claimed by the people down the street when they placed an improvised collar on him awhile back.  A t-shirt sleeve did the job, but was gone within a few days, it now lays near the driveway of a puppy he often plays with.

Our girl provides (limited) companionship for Miranda during the day, listens to us when we need to talk, and makes this place feel even more like home.  We are happy with our arrangement.  We know that when we leave here she would not want to go with us.  She is a Yap dog through and through. We will enjoy our time with her and hope for a moment of her life we can make her a little safer and happier.

Lippy is a bit of a lost soul who just needs a guardian to watch over her. We will happily play that role for her while we are here. Lippy will probably never let us close enough to pet her, bathe her, or give her a collar. But for now we are hers and she is ours. How could you resist a face like that?

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